Plans are crucial only when executed

It is not just business. Everything that you do requires planning in order to go smooth. Although we cannot predict or foresee everything, at least we are prepared if things do not go as plan. I suppose everybody hate surprises especially entrepreneurs. Things that did not proceed as plan and heading for a direction that you are not aware of can create a lot of problems and losses. Problems should be fine and acceptable because the only way that we can make money is by solving problems. The existence of problems means money making opportunities. We should be looking at problems in a positive way. Losses will be a bit complicated because it involves time, money and effort. An unpredictable surprise can create unbearable losses which lead to bankruptcy. This is the reason why most entrepreneurs try to avoid unnecessary surprises.

The plans that I’m referring to are alternatives or options which we can try if things do not go smoothly. I still remember the advice given by an entrepreneur that I know saying that we need at least an ABC plan. In other words we need to think at least 3 plans in case things go wrong. Plan A is our main. If things do not work out, we can apply plan B. But sometimes our prediction or solution plan B might not work out too. In this case we need to go for plan C. Usually the 3rd plan will work out if we do our planning properly. Remember that this is just the basic. Some successful entrepreneurs even go as far as preparing for 4th or 5th plan before they start execute they plan.

Try not to put too much thoughts and efforts in planning. A 100% full prove planning is worthless if you do not execute it. It will be wasteful too if you spend too much time, money and effort on planning. Success can only obtain with a balance between planning and execution.



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