Planning ahead and the ability to solve problems instantly

In order to make sure that our work progress is smooth without any problems, planning ahead carefully is one of the most important tasks. Unfortunately this part of the job is usually ignore and left out by most people. Especially for those who only follow order to do their job. Planning is considered not part of their work. Thus you won’t see any improvement either from the business or employee. This is actually a sad thing because one can learn a lot from planning even if the job is to sweep the floor.

When you plan ahead, you are actually making your work easy. It helps to save time, effort and money. Some of the predictable problems can be avoided. If you can’t avoid those problems, at least you knew it might happen and already prepare a solution for it. It is true that we can’t predict future but our advance information technology has provided us enough information to make almost accurate guessing. One of the most common and accurate information we can make use is the weather forecast. You can plan ahead if you knew there is a storm coming which might affect your work. Another example of advantage which you can gain when planning ahead is during festival or holiday season. Traffic during Christmas and New Year Eve is usually congested. If your work involve travelling or transporting product, you have to plan ahead to avoid those period.

If you don’t plan ahead and just do the work without thinking much, you will definitely facing a lot of problems. In order to keep you job, it is better to solve those problems instantly. Usually temporally countermeasure is enough to get through the day or buying enough time to let the experts come out with a permanent solution. This is the time to showcase your ability to come out with brilliant ideas or temporally countermeasure. This is actually difficult because you have limited time and resources to come out with something useful.

If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online, you have to learn how to plan ahead and strengthen your ability to solve problems instantly. As an employee, these skills can help to advance your career. As an entrepreneur or business owner, these skills can help keep your work or business running for a long time.



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