Plan ahead if you decided to make money online via blogging

How long do you think you can make money online via blogging? I suppose nobody can actually tell how long this method can sustain. But if you are planning to make money online via blogging, you have to think about this question before you start blogging. Especially if you are trying to make a living blogging and going full time, you need to plan ahead. Honestly I think it is difficult for blogging to survive for next ten years. You may still make some money out from blogging but the amount of money earn will be less. This is because blog is not a need for living. There are plenty of styles or ways to express your thoughts online which can replace a blog. Currently people tend to watch videos rather than reading a blog often. The use of smartphone also favors on watching videos because of the small screen display. It is just too difficult to read from the small screen display. If you are still considering going ahead with blogging, you might need to prepare for alternative ways to make money online. Don’t just rely solely on blog to generate income. You have to make extra effort and time on other potential money earning method such as YouTube, Twitch and freelance writing jobs. You will need at least 2~3 different ways to generate income online if you are planning to go full time. It won’t be easy but the rewards will be great as the potential is unlimited. Make sure that you are mentally well prepared to do everything you can in order to be success. Consider it as a job or a way of living. It is no more just an ordinary hobby which you can choose to do whenever you like.



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