Placing Google Adsense Ads at the right position for Maximum Profits

Google Adsense Ads placement actually is a critical issue which can affect your earning very much. Lately Google Adsense post an article title Adsense Facts & Fiction Part 1: Placement targeting. According to the article, publisher is able to convert custom channels into targetable placements easily. This is an important step because the changes can help increase publisher Google Adsense revenue. I’m totally agreed with this statement. Well, if you did play around with Google Adwords then you’ll understand this perfectly. It has something to do with how advertisers choose and select blogs and ads location when setting up Google Adwords campaign. You can try applying for a Google Adwords account and checking it out. This way you can learn how effectively place your Google Adsense ads by becoming an advertiser. As a Google Adwords advertiser, you are able to look at blogs, ads location and blog content to decide if the ads you place can receive the highest rate of conversion. That means products can be sold. As a publisher if you’re able to supply as much information to advertisers and help them decide the ads space is suitable for their products, then you’ll be able to receive high advertisement bids. The higher the advertisement bids, the higher the price of the clicks.

If you understand the relationship between Google Adsense and Google Adwords, it will be very much helpful in your task to increase Google Adsense revenue. It is true that targetable placements are difficult to set up. It is difficult to set it up where you can actually see the increase of the revenue. Not everybody can understand targetable placements. For some people, signing up for Google Adsense might already be a difficult part. Plus if publisher is unable to see the increase of the revenue, why go through all the trouble? It will be better to just concentrate on generating good quality content. Honestly it will be better that Google improvement can be done base on the fact that all publisher is stupid, and Google has to carry out all the action to help improve publishers revenue. I’m saying this as one of the publisher.

P/S: All I’m asking is that publisher concentrate and focus on content. The earning part can leave it to Google Adsense.



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  1. Spokane SEO says:

    Personally I like other ad networks better then adwords. Buyandsellads is one of my favorites. Really good Click through rate.