Pick up a skill when you are still holding on your job

There is a different between having a job and having a skill. A job is just a job which basically you just need to finish the work instructed. Sometimes you are just trading your time for money. If you have a skill, that means you’re able to sell your skill. So which is better? I suppose the best is to pick a job that enables you to sharpen your skill.

Why do I mention this? Well, I’ve seen lots of people lost their job lately and most of them seem to have difficulties finding another job. I know it’s not easy given the economic situation right now, but still we can’t blame is all. The first condition required for a person to be hired is that he or she has the skill that required by the company. So if you don’t have any skill at all, you most probably won’t get hired easily. Most people when they got a job, they only did what is instructed or told. They just get the work done and went home. In most jobs, it’s just a same routine task that repeats day after day, year after year. Eventually people are used to the comfort zone and stop learning. One day when company starts to lay off workers, most people find themselves without any skills but only that useless routine task in mind. It’s sad but it is also true that once we stop learning, we risk having unable to adapt changes at work.

The key here is to treat your everyday a day to learn something. In some cases, most people choose to work on their hobby. Hobbies like singing, reading, writing, teaching or even cooking are consider as a skill. It doesn’t have to relate to your job as long as you’re able to learn something and sharpen your skill. Because one day this hobby or skill of yours might help you get over recession or having a better life. It’s just simply having an alternative way if your main plan fails.

Take for example if you love to cook but have no intention of open up a restaurant, you might consider having a discussion or teaching session about cooking. It’s all about sharing the things that you’re passion about. With the help of internet, your hobby and passion can help to generate some income without leaving your house. Who knows you might be able to earn more that working for others. I wrote about couple of sites that enable us to make some money by giving advice or teaching, the 2 posts are Earn Money Giving Advice Online and Make Money Opportunities at WeRLive. If you have a skill or something to teach others, perhaps you can check it out.



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4 Responses to “Pick up a skill when you are still holding on your job”

  1. Mark Slater says:

    This article proves to be informative as well as helpful at the same time. People who work at regular jobs generally follow the routine method and ignore the things in what they are really interested in. Maybe it is time for us to realize the fact that today everywhere around the world, organizations are looking for all-rounders instead of just single skilled workers. Hope we all try to start working on our skill sets along with the regular job.

  2. Lipno says:

    Never managed to do it like written here. My jobs usually took too much time. So I was preparing for new ones after dumping previous ones. It wasn’t very comfortable (lack of money), but I had a chance to get some new skills without hurrying to much.

  3. Kumo says:

    It’s basically doing what we can to survive.

  4. Danny says:

    Picking up a skill while you are at work is the best time to gain a skill. You are getting paid, and you are getting an education. Then when you have enough knowledge, you can shove off.