Photos and videos are good to generate traffic only if

No doubt photos and videos are very good in generating traffic but only if you apply the method correctly. Before uploading those photos and videos, you should pause for few minutes and think about how they manage to generate so much traffic. How did people manage to find these photos and videos? Obviously Google search engine plays a big role in connecting these photos and videos with readers. But it is the well written title and description on the photos and videos which makes it easy for the right audience to find them. Regardless if you are able to create interesting photos and videos, it won’t generate a lot of traffic if you are unable to write proper suitable title and description. So next time before you upload those photos and videos, please spend some time on writing the title and description. Basically you can try to explain the content of the photos and videos using your own words if you not good in writing. It can be challenging if you are trying to keep it short and brief. Keywords will be playing an important role in letting people find the photos and videos they are looking for. You must use the right keywords but don’t flood the title and description. Perhaps you may try to study and learn a bit about how to write proper title and description.



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