Patient and will power to learn are required to pursuit for money making opportunities

It has been several years since I started blogging and pursuit for money making opportunities. I am still learning as I continue to deal with problems and trying my best to solve them. Sometimes it can be frustrating but it is still interesting to keep on pursuing for money making opportunities online. No doubt it is a fun and interesting way to make money online, but it might not be suitable for everybody.

Lately I have a friend who comes to me saying he is interesting to start a blog and hope to make some money online. It is good news to me because now I have one more person around me with similar interest. So my friend started to come over my house with his laptop and trying to learn as much as he can. The first day was fun as we talk about the potential of making money online. I suppose this is call daydreaming before all the actual hard starts. The second and third day started to become serious about the work required done and the problems need to solve. Initially my friends seem to be able to accept the huge information presented. Over the few days my friend was able to create a blog and started writing blog post every day. He also learned about SEO, affiliate products, social network marketing, email marketing, page rank, traffic and many other basic stuff required to make money online successfully. After couple of month repeating the same steps and strategy without seeing any clear results, my friend started to be inpatient. The one thing that he keeps on complaining is that he has been sacrificing a lot of time and effort pursuing for money making opportunities online but yet to see any money coming in. I told him that if he is just solely into making money online, perhaps this might not be suitable for him. After the discussion and complains, my friend goes back to blogging and decided to try it out for a longer period of time. By now it seems clear that my friend already starts losing patient and focus on pursuing for money making opportunities online. He began to skip his daily blog post and stop learning anything related to making money online. He started to withdraw himself from the game.

After 4 months, my friend is still hanging out with me but conversations are no more around making money online. It seems like he has found other interesting stuff to spend his time. Well, I don’t blame him because I knew making money online blogging is not for everybody. But at least he tried.



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