Passive income does not mean it runs automatically

Regardless of what type of passive income that you are building, you cannot ignore it completely or totally forgotten about it. It still requires certain amount of maintenance and work in order to keep on functioning properly. Take for example the money that you put in the bank as fix deposit or stocks which you purchase too will need your attention or constant monitoring. In other words, passive income requires minimum attention but the work will definitely less than having a full time job. If your passive income can generate more money than your full time job, you can basically retire early and just taking care of your passive income. If you are able to do that, you should be able to have more time for yourself with minimum work.

If you do not work and pay attention on your passive income, the amount of money generated might reduce over time. The passive income might fade or lost if you do not maintain it. Remember that nothing is forever. Even the best passive income will end someday. Thus it is very important that you try to create as much passive income as possible. Take for example blogging. It takes a lot of work and time to build enough audiences or traffic before it can generate any income. If you don’t pay enough attention and work on it constantly, it will gradually die off as audiences or traffic starts to reduce. Blog might be the hardest passive income to create but the reward is endless if you succeeded. The hard part is not the difficultly level of the work but doing the same simple procedure constantly for a long period of time.



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