Participate in discussion featuring small businesses that use digital tools to grow

One of the best ways to grow and make money for small businesses is to make use of digital tools. Even until today, there are a lot of small businesses around the world still haven’t make full use of digital tools. If you are a small business owner and hoping to learn about digital tools, join the livestreaming event featuring new research from Google and Deloitte. Check out the blog post title “Join us for a livestreaming featuring new research from Google and Deloitte” from Google small business. You will be participating in discussion about websites, analytics and online marketing. Especially if you are new to digital tools, you will learn a lot of free ways to grow your small business. Although it seems the event is focusing on small businesses in the United State, I think the methods discuss can be applied around the world. Remember that there are no boundaries when you bring your business into the online world. It is just a matter of how big do you hope to grow your business. Even if you are currently just a small business, there is still a chance to grow big into an international business which sells products worldwide. It is particularly easier to achieve if you are able to make use of the digital tools fully.



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