Opera pursuing for Mobile Money Making Opportunities Online Too

According to the blog post title “Opera Software Buys two mobile advertising companies” from iTWire, Opera Software has acquired two mobile advertising companies. The first company is Mobile Theory and the second company is 4th Screen Advertising.

It is not a surprise that Opera is pursuing for mobile money making opportunities online because mobile market is the hottest gold mine right now and for years to come. Almost everybody is jumping in and trying to get a piece of it. I suppose we will be reading more news about companies acquiring mobile advertising company or launching their version of apps.

Although mobile market seems to be the latest piece of gold mine which many people are rushing in to make money, basic requirements or conditions must be fulfill in order to make money out from it. Twitter, Facebook and Google are able to make money from mobile or smartphone users because they a huge number of users. When Opera decided to go into mobile money making opportunities online, the number of their users actually says it all. According to the blog post above, Opera has more than 160 million monthly active users that generate more than 100 billion page views. That is the kind of number which says we shouldn’t miss out the opportunity to make some money in mobile market.

P/S: Now that we see a trend of companies going into mobile money making opportunities, lots of jobs and work related to mobile will soon arises. Either it is full time, part time, freelance or businesses related to mobile, opportunities will starting to bloom. So be prepared.



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