Online Criminal Stole My Friends Email and Facebook Account Again.

At first it was my brother who lost his hotmail account after replied to a scam email. I share this incident to my friends around hoping that they might learn from it and never repeat the mistake that my brother did. After couple of weeks, a friend of mine calls up mentioning that she might just fall into the same scam. This time it wasn’t just the email account. She even lost her facebook account all together. Well, the reason is simple. She uses the same email ID and password. So once they are able to access her email account, they are able to get into her facebook account too. She lost both her account in the morning. Later in the afternoon, she began to answer calls from all her friends asking what on earth she is doing in London, Australia or some other foreign country without any money. Obviously the person that stole her email account has sent out email to all her contact trying to scam for money. What can she do? All she can do is file reports to email and facebook account and hope that she can retrieve her account.

This is really a painful lesson for my friend. She even told me that she might just go back to paper and ink snail mail. Well, perhaps that might not help if we are not careful. First of all we should not use the same ID and password for all account. It will be safer to have a few different combination of login ID and passwords. Second, do not trust any emails that come in, even if it’s from someone that you know. That includes messages form Skype, MSN and yahoo messenger. Sometimes it’s not who you know that trying to reach you but virus which is doing the trick. Besides that again we have to take care of the online security by installing anti spyware and antivirus. Check out the article form Yahoo – Five Ways to Keep Online Criminals at Bay. The article talks about methods on how our PC can be infected and information stolen. The methods mention are browsers attack by virus, attacks that hidden in PDF file, Malicious Ads that scares people, poison search results that leads to malicious sites and attacks that comes from email, instant messaging, blog comment and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You’ll be surprise the methods can be so much sophisticated.

P/S: There are so many new tricks to steal our information. I think we have to be alert always. I never know updating Adobe programs can help protect from virus attack.



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  1. Gadget Guy says:

    Sorry about your friends troubles. It’s worth saving an offline copy of your contacts in word or notepad so you can notify them if your accounts get hacked.