One small topic can be written into thousands of blog post

If you are running out of ideas or topics to write for your blog, it is time to consider some other methods which keeps popular bloggers blogging on every day. As long as the method works for you, learn it up and use it. Especially if you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online via blogging, you cannot afford to miss your daily schedule of blog post.

Expend your previous topics as much as you can. If the previous blog post is about 500 words, there is probably a lot of stuff which you haven’t included. Just browse through your old blog post and you’ll find that there is a lot of stuff which you haven’t mention or talk about. You can bring up your old blog post again by a link to a new blog post and start filling up the blanks. This time it might be better to plan your blog post before you start writing. When you are trying to expand the topic of your old blog post, you will probably find yourself missing out a lot of details and other small related topics. One new blog post might not be enough to cover everything. This is good because this allows you to expand your old blog post into multiple topics which have the potential of creating thousands of blog post. It will be better to draw a tree diagram so that you have a clear image of the topics that you are trying to cover. This way your blog posts will be organize and readers won’t get lost when reading your blog posts.

When you are finish writing all the blog posts expended from the previous old blog post, you can create a simple infographic as reference so that readers can keep track of the blog post which they might have miss. New readers can also refer to the infographic and choose the blog post which they are interested.



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