One of the Reasons I continue to blog and pursuit for money making opportunities online

One of the reasons that choose to start a blog and pursuit for money making opportunities online is because of the knowledge and information that I gain online. In order to continue blogging and keep on producing content for my blog, reading and learning is a daily homework. Updating information and continue to learn new things has become a habit for me. Although most of the information and knowledge gain is through internet online, we can also learn by reading books, watching television or even through conversations with other people. Knowledge is hidden everywhere around us. School is not the only way to learn. Sometimes we consume knowledge in an unexpected way, and this is the best part of learning.

It may seems like blogging and writing articles every day is a repeating and boring activity, It’s actually fun if you are always hunger for knowledge. That is because the content and topic that you write will never be the same. Blogging is basically about sharing knowledge and information that you learn or found. If you already have been constantly blogging daily for a year, that is about 365 blog posts produced. I’m sure you have learned at least 300 or more new things in order to produce 365 blog posts. But this is just a brief estimation of what you have learned. In fact you may have already learned more than expected. This is because while you are researching and surfing for materials for your blog posts, you tend to stumble upon interesting topics or information which you cannot help yourself but to stop and have a look. This is the reason why for some people, they tend to spend lots of time just to write a 500 words article.

After years of blogging, you will find yourself knowing lots of things which you’ll never learn from school. And you will also learn the skill to search for information online whenever you needed. This is much more fun than making money online.



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