Nothing is free and there is no such thing call free lunch

When you see the word free, don’t get too excited because the meaning which appears in your mind is not the same with the definition written. We know that freemium is a kind of marketing strategy by providing free services or free products in exchange of something in return. This so call something does not have to be in a physical format but can be an action or a format of publicity. Take for example of Skype which provide free pc to pc video calls in return for large number of users. So it is not exactly free if you look at it from a different angle.

Some party or individual too trying to make use of this freemium concept but with a little bit of different rules included. Take for example of a SEO or search engine Optimization Company providing free evaluation of site. No doubt the evaluation is free but you will have to submit an email to get the report. First stop they already get your email for the so call free service provided. Second they will tell you the problems or disadvantages occur in your site but won’t provide any solutions. If you want their so call solutions with professional opinion, you will have to pay.

I suppose this type of freemium strategy can be easily seen online. It’s not illegal but just smart play. Most important of all it actually works in getting customers and making money online. If you think this happens only within online internet, you are actually making a big mistake. This happens regularly offline around the place you live too. Just check it out when you see the word free and try to figure out what’s the catch behind. You might learn something interesting.



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