No business is forever

Whenever there is a start, there is an end. This includes business too. Even if the business is able to last more than 100 years old, the person who runs the business might not be the same. If you are hoping to build the business which can be last for a lifelong, you are actually taking up a very difficult task. I’m not saying it is impossible. You will need a lot of luck to achieve. Even the largest company in the world has to go through a lot of changes and modification in order to continue running business.

Instead of trying to build a business which can last for long, it is better to just build a company which earns money now. If you are still insist of trying to build a business that last long, choose a product or service which will forever in demand. One of the examples is food. People have to eat. So product or service related to food might have a chance to last longer. Products like sugar or salt will always in demand for cooking. But you won’t be the only person who tries to sell sugar or salt. Competitors will strike you down.

Even if the demand of sugar and salt is always there, there are still a lot of things which can put your business to an end. So get yourself ready always when you start running your own business. Your business also depends greatly on your health status.



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