NFL 11 Richest Entrepreneurs who Found Money Making Opportunities

According to the article title “NFL’s 11 Richest Entrepreneurs” from Yahoo Small Business Advisor, average pro football career lasts only three and a half seasons. This is actually a very short period of time. Even if players are able to make enough money to retired, it is still too early to stop working. Not to mention for those players who need a new career to make a living, it is very important to look for alternative money making opportunities. Good thing there is a program launched by National Football League to help prepare players for new career after the game. The NFL Business Management and Entrepreneurial Program launched back in 2005 have helped many players in creating their own business. The one week intensive program which takes place at the business schools of Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern, and Stanford covers topics such as negotiation strategies and marketing. The blog post above also shows 11 examples with players who attended the program and become entrepreneurs successfully. If you browse through all the examples, their businesses are actually very small with number of stuff around 10 to 20 people only. And yet their business is able to bring in revenue around millions. I suppose the intensive program actually works. If this is the case, I’m sure anybody who is interested can attend the program too. All you have to do is pay the tuition fee. Even Tyra Banks went back to school to improve her knowledge and skill in order to grow her company. Things changes fast especially in cyber world. If we do not catch up with the changes and keep on learning and improving, we will definitely left behind and out compete by others.

P/S: One thing which separates these football players with us is that they are famous. They can easily promote their business through main stream media. Plus they have the funds to build their business. If you are not famous and don’t have sufficient funds, it is going to be tough and requires a lot more work.



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