New Ways to Reach Advertisers through Google Ad Planner Publisher Center

Google Ad Planner Publisher Center was launched earlier this year but I did not really take a good look at it. Now that Google introduces some new ways to reach advertisers, things are getting much more interesting. Publishers are now able to claim sub domains, share more Google Analytics metrics, delegate site ownership and display an Ad Planner Badge.

Basically advertisers are now able to take a good look at your site or blog before they decided to advertise on your blog. When you place your blog under Google Analytics and link it to Google Ad Planner, advertisers will be able to take a good look at your blog performance. Information like page views, unique visitors, total visits, average visits per visitor and average time on site will be display via statistic or numbers. Besides that you’re able to write a detail description regarding you blogs in terms of topic to write and types of advertising offered. Google basically trying to connect advertisers and publishers closer so that advertisers can see clearly where their advertising money is spend on.

It seems to me the only benefits that publisher gets is more exposure to advertisers. That seems to be good news but there is one thing that I’m worried about. That is how much money we will earn if advertisers go through Google Ad Planner Publisher Center and place their advertisement on our blog. I just can’t stop thinking how many % Google will take from the advertisers and how many % are left for publisher. If that is the case, perhaps we might just as well offer our own direct advertising method as an alternative for advertisers. Advertisers who found our blog can either advertise through Google or contact the blog owner directly for a cheaper bargain. Sounds good? I think Google will eventually do something about it if a large chunk of profit is lost. Well, let’s just see what Google do next.

One thing for sure, you’ll definitely gain lots of benefits if you own a blog under Blogspot. Google owns Blogspot. That means Google has total control of the blog hosting under Blogspot, the traffic, analysis data and AdSense earning. In order to encourage more users to Blogspot, Google definitely will share some reasonable benefits to those that are using Blogspot. I’m guessing we’ll be hearing things like “Blogspot rank better and getting lot more traffic then own domain.”



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3 Responses to “New Ways to Reach Advertisers through Google Ad Planner Publisher Center”

  1. chicky401 says:

    This is the first I really heard much about this, could be a good thing but it’s hard to say. The thing I don’t like about it is it going off analytics. My blog is hosted by blogger so in theory analytics should be correct however according to analytics I get a lot less traffic then according to Adsense or site meter information. Not sure how that happens!
    Thanks for sharing this info, have a great day

  2. VINAY says:

    Interesting never heard of this before, I think it is good for blogger especially ones having blogspot hosted blogs to get approved easily and show Google ads on their site. Analytics increases your sites loading time and hence you must be careful while using it on your blog.

  3. Kumo says:

    Lets just say blogspot is on Google side instead of opposite side. Things might be worst if blogspot is not under Google.