New Google Money Making Opportunities Feature for Local Small Business Owner

According to the latest blog post title “A new way to share local product availability with your customers” from Google Small Business Blog, Google announced a new feature call Local Product Availability on Google Place Pages. This feature basically displays offline catalog automatically to the web so that customers get the information about particular product availability close by. In other words, Google Place Page able to shows five popular products along with price and local availability for shoppers. Small business owners will have to provide products information and data with Google through Merchant Center account and claim a Google Place page in order to activate this feature. I know it sounds difficult and complicated especially for those who are not familiar with online advertisement, but still it definitely worth all the trouble. Not to mention it’s FREE, all you need to do is spend some time learning the setup and manage the account. As smart phones are getting popular around the world, a lot of people will be using smart phone to surf for product and needs on the road. No doubt the future market will be on smart phone users and you’ll definitely want to prepare for it.



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