MyYearBook 100 Million Money Making Opportunities

We heard of Facebook, MySpace and Friendster, but have you ever heard of MyYearBook? MyYearBook is a social network website but mainly focus on getting old classmates connected online. It’s sort of like a printed yearbook which we get after graduated from school but in this case it’s in digital form. Users get to set up their digital year book for primary school, secondary school, college and even night school. Catherine Cook and her brother David started this idea back in 2005 and now Quepasa announced its $100 million acquisition of MyYearBook. That’s about 6 years of development and MyYearBook has grown into hundred million dollars online social network website. If we compare MyYearBook to other top social network online like Facebook and MySpace, it’s considered just a small tiny business. But still the success of MyYearBook makes us wonder how the site able to secure profits and growth with Facebook and other social network online competitors around. I suppose regardless of how small you are, you are still able to secure success and opportunity if you do it right.

Check out the blog post title “Millennials Make Millions” from Yahoo Finance as it explains briefly about MyYearBook and the $100 million deal with Quepasa. One interesting facts about MyYearBook is that founders Catherine Cook and her brother David were only 15 or 16 years old when they started the website. Do you still remember what you’re doing and thinking when you’re at that age? I suppose age does not matter as long as you’re capable of getting the job done. They have the idea and the passion but giving their age, they definitely have lots to learn in order to make MyYearBook a success. I’m more interested in the things they have learned, the actions they taken and the decisions they made within the last 6 years which leads to the $100 million deal. If you’re currently working on your online social network site, it will be a good idea to read about their success story. We don’t have to aim for $100 million deal. As a start, a thousand dollar deal is good enough. It’s not the amount of money or revenue that matters but the way, methods and attitude of working that gets you closer to success. Once you’ve develop a way or system to improve and update your website continuously, you’re one step closer in reaching success and making money online.

P/S: I believe successful entrepreneurs and business people share similar thoughts and attitude. It is their personality and characteristic which we need to learn and study form them.



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