My Evaluation of Money Making Opportunities Online

Basically there are 2 ways that we can make money online after I’ve been searching and pursuing for money making opportunities online for years. The first method is you make money by selling your time or services. It’s not much different from holding a normal day job as you only get paid when you work. The second method is building a business or creating a system to generate income. Generally you don’t get paid for the work that you’ve done but the results of your work will constantly generate income if you do it right. A good example of explaining both methods are as below. The first method is like using a bucket to get water from the river. Water supply stops once you stop working. The second method is like building a pipe from the river to your house. You’ll continue to have water supply once the pipe is constructed correctly. Water supply will not stop even if you stop working.

It is obvious the best method is to built pipes and lots of pipes for endless continues water supply. Creating a system or a business which continues to generate income even when we stop working on it is the ultimate goal in pursuit of money making opportunities online. The problem with creating the system or business online is that it takes time and in most cases money will not come in until success is achieve. Sometimes it might take years to accomplish this goal. Before that we have to make sure that we stay alive to keep working on it without giving up. We need to have at least a minimum income to stay alive. If we don’t have a full time day job nor a part time day job, we can choose the first method which is work online by selling our time and services.

The first method of money making opportunities which is selling your time or services are basically jobs like freelancing design, programming, illustration, graphics, article writing and many more. You may find these jobs at Elance, FreelanceNation, RentACoder and other similar website. A much simple job which most people go for is writing reviews on products, websites or events. You may find these jobs at PayPerPost, ReviewMe, SponsoredReview, IM Report Card and many more. You’re basically paid for the work that you’ve done. If you stop accepting the projects or stop working, you stop making any money.

The second method of money making opportunities which is building a system or a business that continues to draw income is a bit complicated and difficult. Some people like me create several blogs and draws traffic to make money from advertisement and selling affiliate products. The key is to create a system to build a blog with lots of traffic. There is lots of work to be done for creating content and generating traffic, but once the blog started to pick up visitors, things will be easy. At this point minimum attention is needed and we can start creating another new blog. We just have to repeat the same system again and again until we built enough blogs that we can manage. Assuming each blogs generate a minimum income of $100 per month, all you have to do is create as many blogs as you can for  the amount of money you want to make. The key is to find the right system that works for you. Some people even go as far as creating their own product like ebooks and market it themselves. The ebooks are basically sold through websites like ClickBank or Commission Junction. A well written useful informatics ebook can generate lots of income for years. Another money making opportunities system is to build a network of affiliate downlines. Some website will pay you certain percentage of revenue if you’re able to recruit people to join their business. A good example of FREE sign up business opportunities is SFI Strong Future International which members make money by recruiting members and selling products.

There are still lots of money making opportunities online which I might not know, but the above mention are basically the most popular and well known methods. When it comes to making money online, there is only one rule that applies. As long as you’re able to sell what is needed, you’ll make money. You just have to find out what is needed and provide it.



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  1. Dave says:

    Thats why I love internet, there are many ways to make money. Even a newbie can make a quick dollar writing article or writing a review. The big business take more time, but after a while it is really possible to make money until sleep.

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