My Blogging Motivation to Keep on Pursuing Money Making Opportunities Online

The thing with blogging and pursuing money making opportunities online is that you have to place yourself in front of the monitor almost every day. When you are facing laptop or desktop every day for a long term of period, it can get bored eventually at some point. Motivation juice will reduce when you keep on doing the same thing repeated. This is the reason why we need to take a break once in a while to recharge. As for motivation, we should always find new things or reasons to keep our motivation up. In other words we should continue to look for new motivation resources.

So how to do we find motivation? Honestly, I think anything that makes you want to blog or pursuing money making opportunities online will do fine. If a nice cup of coffee can do the trick, then so be it.  Instead of listing all the general motivation methods, I’ll just go ahead and share my own way of motivation method.

From the moment that I wake up in the morning, my motivation strategy starts kicking in. If I get a boost of motivation in the morning, I’ll be able to do a lot of stuff for the whole day. So it is very important that I prepare myself good in the morning. I start out with a simple easy breakfast with a nice cup of coffee. Especially for the coffee, I tend to choose the flavor depending on how well I slept previous night. If I had a good night sleep, a simple black coffee will do. If I’m not sleeping well and feeling a bit tired, a strong cappuccino will do the trick to pull me back in shape.

After having my breakfast, it’s time to switch on my computers and starts blogging. The first thing that I’ll check is the page ranking, search engine results and traffic analysis of my blog. An improvement of traffic volume proves and shows I’ve done a good job and the method used works. Positive result motivates me. Next I’ll check some of my earnings at Google Adsense, affiliate sales and other money making opportunities. An increase of earnings will definitely motivates me to keep on blogging. I will also check my emails and see if there are any payments from PayPal or any business proposal. It is always good to see money coming in but a business proposal is the biggest motivation. A business proposal drives you to do some checking, planning, communicating and making decision on the business. By the time I gone through all the above, I’m already in the blogging mode and ready to press those buttons.

My motivation method is simple but it works for me.



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  1. digital agency says:

    There is a fine line between blogging and making money and blogging to make money – one is natural, the other is sometimes pushy and over selling