Much Ado About Increasing Cost Per Click of Google Adsense Money Making Opportunities

One of the things which publishers concern a lot is cost per click. As we know that increasing cost per click will generally increase earnings, many publishers decided to work on this section. Here’s a blog post title “The do’s and dont’s to increase cost per click” from Google Inside Adsense Blog which publishers can learn about increasing cost per click. The post presented some do’s and don’ts which is interesting to take a look. I’m particular interested in the don’ts as that’s the thing which helps us from getting our Google Adsense account ban.

Let’s start from checking out the don’ts listed in the blog post. Focus on writing about the subjects that you are interested and passionate instead of writing about high paying keywords. Do not use scraped content. Do not create multiple accounts. And finally do not manipulate Google Adsense Ads. Although these are just basic don’ts, but still it is very important that we don’t do it as it can lead to account ban.

Here’s the list of the do from the blog post. Enable all ad units to show both text and image media ads. Keep the ads filter list small. Increase the number of ads competing by setting up custom channels for placement targeting. Take advantage on the top paying ads which appears first in your HTML code. You will need to figure out which of your ads units has the highest click through rate by using custom channels.

All the above are just simple basic guides. Rather than focus on cost per click, I’m more interested in generating larger traffic. We won’t make any money if we don’t receive any clicks, even though we are able to increase cost per click. Honestly I will go for lower cost per click as long as there are clicks received. An increase of traffic will definitely increases earning potential regardless of how low the cost per click.




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3 Responses to “Much Ado About Increasing Cost Per Click of Google Adsense Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Debbie says:

    I think this is first of the kind post related to ways to increase CPC. Very useful information, some of the things are obvious, but for the rest I have never even thought.

  2. Gina says:

    The reason they want you to accept image ads is so they can fill the space with their own advertising. Well, guess what? They’re not relevant for every site, and in my case, my visitors never click on them because they’re looking for information, not a $75 coupon for AdWords.

  3. Rachel says:


    Have been struggling to increase CPC with Adsense for more than 6 months now. Thanks for providing these useful tips.

    All the best,