Motivation Needed in The Journey of Money Making Opportunities

Once in a while I’ll feel bore, tired and lack of energy to keep on blogging. Well, that’s actually a normal feeling that every one of us experience if you’re a full time blogger. That’s because you’re repeating the same process everyday including Saturday, Sunday and any other holidays. Basically most of the time that you’ll be doing is sitting in front of your computer, surfing and typing. When we are consistently repeating the same process for a long period of time, our mind and body will send out signals of bore, tired and low energy. Apparently that’s what happening to me and that’s why I write this post.

That is the reason why it’s very important that we keep a healthy balance lifestyle. Especially for full time blogger, a healthy balance lifestyle is a must to keep on blogging. Still sometimes when you’re too focusing on blogging, you might slip away from keeping up with healthy balance lifestyle. I’m always in search of money making opportunities online. Spending hours surfing around for the right material to blog is my daily activities. Sometimes when the search gets interesting I even forgot to have lunch or going for outdoor exercise. Luckily I’m staying at home and I have somebody besides to remind me of things.

Another important thing that I need as a full time blogger is motivation. It’s kind of difficult to find somebody to talk about blogging when you’re the only person that blogs at home. The only thing that I’m able to talk about is general money making opportunities and the benefits that I can get from blogging at home. Still it’s a one way conversation which at the end of the day I might not get any useful reply. My best solution for this is online and talks about it in social community, Skype, MSN and forum. I might be able to get the answer that I’m looking for but still the motivation is not enough. I think we basically just need to talk with people directly.

Finally I decided to try something different. As my blogging motivation is at low battery status, I decided to spend couple of hour on the current hot event Football World Cup. I’m not really a fan of soccer but a good sports game can really stir up some excitement. There are total of 64 matches in this once in a four years event and the first match that I saw is between Korea Republic and Greece. I have to say the fighting spirit of the Koreans really boost my motivation. Watching the match basically tells me that even small body size Asian is able to take on large body size European if they work hard enough. There are still lots of matches to come, let’s see if the Korea Republic can keeps on giving me motivation.

I suppose we bloggers still have to keep up with the current events, holidays and things that happened around us. Motivation and energy to keep on blogging can be found easily by being part of things happening around. At the end of the day, I think the biggest motivation that I get is from the people that I love. A simple sentence of encouragement or motivation from them is enough to make me feel refresh and keeps on going. The support from people around you, especially your loves one can actually fuel up your gas tank and continue the journey of money making opportunities.

P/S: Life is not just about blogging. 🙂



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2 Responses to “Motivation Needed in The Journey of Money Making Opportunities”

  1. sc says:

    Yes, agreed with you. sometimes, we just get bored and lazy to blog, nothing seem to be of interest, inspiration gone, ideal gone and foremost the spirit died. Motivation is the right boost and just like a kick at the buttock – we get ourselves move.

    Buck up !!

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