More Tips and Guides for writing good articles and a Chance to Win $100 in Cash

Honestly, it is the $100 in cash which gets my attention about this site while surfing online. As this blog is about money making opportunities online, money is one of the things which can make me pause and dig deeper. Due to my previous blog post title “Creating Good Quality Original Content for your blog” and “Is Passive Income your Goal for pursuing Money Making Opportunities Online?”, my research online stumble upon an article title “How to Write an Article in Less Than One Hour – 10 Useful Tips” from noPassiveIncome. There are two reasons which lead to the decision of introducing this article.

The first reason is that I’m basically using similar method mentioned by the blog post above to write an article or blog post within an hour. Most of my blog posts or articles are about 200~500 words long. I like to keep it simple, straight to the point and easy to understand. I usually make myself a cup of coffee or tea while thinking about the topic and content of my blog post. I did my research and always read through my work couple of times before releasing it to my blog. Although I like to focus and concentrate fully while writing, distraction always has a way to get to me. This is why I usually end up using two hours writing my blog post. But if you think you can write better by following other method, go ahead. Remember that as long as you can produce good quality original content, it does not matter what method you are using. If you are a beginner and just starting to blog, the writing tips provided by the blog post above should be able to help up.

The second reason is the contest organizes by the site which we all have a chance to win $100 in cash and other prizes. All we have to do is write a blog post and place a backlink to one of the article from the site. I have to admit this is the main reason that I’m writing this blog post. But this is also a great motivation to keep your hands on the keyboard and start writing. Especially if you are just starting to blog and having difficulties keeping up with daily posting schedule, perhaps this is the motivation you need.

P/S: If you are hoping to win the contest, don’t just apply the tips and write your blog post in less than an hour. Try to produce the best blog post that you can by putting more time and effort. Remember that it is not just the cash that you’ll win. You’ll get new readers too either way.



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