More Experience Sharing On Money Making Opportunities

I post about how a boy gets a Porsche from an old cell phone on Craigslist. Today I like to share another article from Yahoo Finance title 4 Ways to Make Cash Online. There is nothing new on the money making opportunities presented in the article. I think the experience and advice given by those who succeeded matters most. Those words can give motivation and encouragement to make us confidence and continue on with the pursuits.

According to the article, the 4 ways to make cash online are

  1. Blogging (Selling ads space, products, reviews on blogs)
  2. Selling books, music and other products (Basically managing e-commerce and selling stuff on Amazon or eBay)
  3. Marketing your hobbies (Selling own creative products like photos, homemade jewelry and other hand crafts)
  4. Contributing to a website (Writing reviews on other websites)

Like I said, it’s nothing new but their story and experience is the most interesting part. Some of their advices you might heard it before from lots of successful blogger or entrepreneurs but still that’s the truth. One of those advices is – there is no guarantee to make money online but if you love blogging then you’ll have a higher chance to success. If you truly love blogging then you’ll continue to blog regardless of the money and the time you put in. Check out the time frame of those successful people put in to get to their position. Most of them took years before they actually see money coming in. Sometimes it’s the key of unique which makes a business successful online. Small business which sells unique products can reach wider audience. That’s definitely better then open up a shop and wait for customers to show up. Having a unique product separates your business from big competitors. If you make a promise, make sure you delivered it. Remember that news spread fast. You don’t want people comment about you not keeping your promise. Building a good reputation is a must. Always responds quickly to people who contact you. These are all the advices that you can find in the article.

Regardless of all the above mention it still doesn’t change the fact that not everybody makes money online. There are just too many potential obstacles and difficulties. One of the most common obstacles is that people tend to get discouraged very easily. When you’re doing things continuously for a long time and did not see money coming it, you’ll start thinking and wondering. Plus competition always gets a head first before anything else.  Eventually you’ll need more luck and determination to be success in making money online.

P/S: My advice is “Do it because you love it, not because of the money.”



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2 Responses to “More Experience Sharing On Money Making Opportunities”

  1. billig gartenmöbel says:

    Well I cover 3 of the described 4 areas and can tell everyone it requires a huge effort to succceed and make sufficient money (so you can live from it…)

  2. Kumo says:

    No doubt huge effort is needed. But definitely worth it.