Money Making Opportunities within Twelve Mobile Predictions for 2012 from Marketing Land

The year 2012 is going to be all about smartphone, mobile marketing, iPhone, Android, mobile apps and mobile accessories. Lots of money making opportunities online will be related to smartphone or mobile devices. If you are interested in making money in this field, check out the blog post title “Twelve Mobile Predictions for 2012” from Marketing Land. These predictions might help you to prepare for what’s coming in 2012. You just have to be ready when opportunities present itself. Below is the summery of the prediction.

  • Smartphone share sails past 60 percent
  • Android continues ascent
  • Siri evolves; Google debuts its version
  • Apple Maps appear
  • Inevitable arrival of iPhone 5
  • RIM’s co-CEOs get the boot
  • Windows Phones see only modest success
  • Major smartphone security (hacking/virus) event
  • NFC and mobile payments
  • Apps & HTML5 live side-by-side
  • Tablets established as PC alternative
  • Google announces mobile ads “run rate” of $4 billion
  • Augmented reality best practices emerge
  • Big (mobile) data makes big impact
  • Facebook mobile ads

You don’t have to study and prepare for all the prediction above. But it will definitely help you a lot in pursuit of money making opportunities online if you do your homework. When you are prepared, you might have the chance to be the first person to provide related services or sell related products, or even be the first person to participate in the event. Remember the quote “Early bird catches the worm” It is better to become an early bird than the late one.

P/S: The simplest money making opportunities online which you can do is purchase domain names that related to the prediction above. One of the examples is iPhone5, but I think it was taken long ago.



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