Money Making Opportunities within The Power of Google New Custom Search Ads

Right after the announcement of Google new mobile custom search ads, Google continues to discuss and elaborate the details of this new ad in their latest blog post. Check out the blog post titles “The power of search ads, now in mobile apps and sites” from Google Mobile Ads Blog, as it explains how apps developers can make full use of Google new mobile custom search ads.

Google new mobile custom search ad is able to show ads related to searches and information related to the things customers are looking for. The new custom search ad can be a tool which developers can make use for their apps design. In fact developers can even try to design apps surrounding this new mobile custom search. Apps developers can specially design apps that focus on searching a particular topic like travel plans, automobile, restaurants, real estate or smartphone deals.  In order to make the app unique, apps developers can include a database which users able to store their favorites, rating and recommendation. And finally make it a free download app which includes Google new mobile custom search ads.  I’m sure lots of users will give it a try as the app is free. The app does not have to be perfectly design as long as it helps users find what they are looking for.

Google new mobile custom search ads provide additional ideas for apps developers to design their apps. Some apps developers might try to design the apps around the mobile custom search ads with the purpose only to make money from Google Adsense. But still if the apps are not design to trick users to click on the ads but to help them find what they want, I see no problem about it. After all, advertising is about helping customers getting what they want, and in the shortest time and easiest way.



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