Money Making Opportunities with Google Mobile Ads Click to Call

Google Click to Call ad format for mobile was launched back in early 2010. The mobile ads format allows customers to click on the phone number display and speak to someone who can explain about the products or services. The phone numbers are display while customers using the Google search or visiting sites in the Google Display Network. Check out the blog post title “Mobile Insights: Click to Call Proves a Valuable Addition to the Advertising Mix” form Google Mobile Ads Blog as it explains the convenience and advantages of using Click to Call ads format.  As the usage of smartphone increase drastically all around the world, Click to Call has become one of Google’s fastest growing advertising solutions. The blog post also provides some examples of businesses which benefits from the usage of Click to Call. Other advantages which you can get from Click to Call are:

  • It’s a great option if you don’t yet have a mobile-optimized website;
  • It captures consumers who are ready to act;
  • It allows you to drive traffic to a strong call center, giving you a competitive edge over other online advertisers.

Although Click to call can help generates sales, but still it’s a new feature. We still need to study and learn more about it before jumping directly into it. The one who can make use of this new feature nicely will be able to capture lots of money making opportunities. The early bird catches the worm. So don’t be late in learning this new feature.



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One Response to “Money Making Opportunities with Google Mobile Ads Click to Call”

  1. George says:

    I have a mobile optimized website, but I am not really sure how it look like on different smart phones and operating systems. One thing is for sure, Google mobile ads are the future and it is hidden market.