Money Making Opportunities that you can actually work from home

According to an article Top 10 Jobs You Can Do From Home. Below are the jobs that you can actually do from home.

  • Management analyst
  • Web developer
  • Technical writer
  • Public relations specialist
  • Interior designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Caterer
  • Mental health counselor
  • Massage therapist
  • Customer service representative

It is true the jobs above enable you to work from home. Still I think it will be better to work in a company for at least couple of years before moving from office to your home. There are a few good reasons that you should do that. First of all it gives you a good start. Working in a company allows you to get use of the working environment. Consider it as a place to train you up with the right attitude that you required to work. Besides it also gives you an idea of working time frame and work quality that you need to make money. In other words, working in a company can prepare you mentally and physically for a working life style. You can apply the same working style at home that you used to work in the company. There is a difference between study life and working life. I’m sure those of you that been through this changes understand it perfectly. When you’re in studying period, the only person that you’re responsible to is yourself. Once you start working, you have to be responsible not just to yourself but also the people that you deal with. That includes your boss, colleague and customers. The work that you did might affect the life of others.

If you work in a company before move to work at home as a freelancer, you can secure some business or customers. When you work in a company for few years, you get to know people around that are in the same field with you. Customers, business partners, colleague, suppliers, investors or advertisers are the people that can provide you either help or business once you go solo. If you started out to work at home directly after graduated, you might not be able to get to know these people. Besides you get a chance to experience the life style of working in a company. You may then compare it with the life style of working at home. It gives you a chance to decide which life style you like and suits you.

The most common job that I’ve seen people chose to do at home is caterer. Well, it’s not exactly a catering job. It’s more like preparing meals for neighbors and people around the area. In the beginning it’s just a favor to cook additional meals for friends that have no time to cook who likes homemade dishes. Even if the food is simple and not much choice but still it’s much better than having outside food. It started off with just a few people but news spread out from one person to another person. Eventually more people show up in front of the house asking for food. For some people they are willing to pay more just to have a taste of homemade dishes. You can find lots of similar home catering job in places around factory and college. Most of them just rather spend their time on working and studying rather than cooking.

P/S: I think we can discard the salary figures in the articles because once you go freelance the money you’ll make basically depends on your effort and ability.



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