Money Making Opportunities Online Case Study on TicketsNow

Mobile money making opportunities online and advertising is the latest trend online. Judging from the booming of smartphone users, online mobile market is going to be huge. No wonder Google has begun to upgrade all current features in order to include or covers mobile functionality. No doubt that Google notice that lots of money making opportunities online lies within mobile market.

We have been discussing lots of topic related to the booming of mobile market online and how Google helps to increase revenue for mobile site. But still, we seldom read about any mobile site examples which actually gain success using Google features. Check out the blog post title “GoMo: TicketsNow sees a 100% spike in mobile sales after launching a mobile-optimized site” from Google Mobile Ads Blog. The mobile site TicketsNow is a good mobile site example which achieved success using Google features. You can even download a PDF summary of the case study.

According to the blog post, TicketsNow successfully increases sales from Google paid search. Although the reasons of success are simple, that is fully utilizing Google features like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Mobile ads and etc. Of cause this includes investing in mobile optimized site. We still need to adjust, tune and carry out upgeade continuously for some time in order to achieve our goal. As for now, the most important thing we need to confirm is to figure out which method actually works. And the TicketsNow case study should be able to provide certain level of prove and confidence on the method they used.



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