Money Making Opportunities Blogs Which Pay Bills

Once in a while I stumble upon blog post that talks about how bloggers makes enough money to make a living. Although many of those success stories tell a similar advice and identical quotes, it’s often a different person who said it out loud. If you just consider making enough money online to maintain a simple daily lifestyle a success, many people around the world have achieve it successfully. Check out the blog post title “My Blog is Also Paying My Bills” from Yahoo Finance and you’ll find several new names that have successfully capture money making opportunities online. Below are some of the words from the blog post which I like. You might read or heard it before but still it’s very motivated.

“My advice is to choose a topic you’ll never get tired of,”

“The first three years I made no money at all, so I had to love what I was doing to keep going.”

“People will pay for content if you offer them something of value that is authentic and is generally useful,”

“I tell people if they want to start a blog just to make money, they should quit right now,”

“You have to love it and be passionate about your topic.”

There are a lot of examples in the blog post with bloggers making different range of money online in different area. It shows that it is possible to make money online, just that the question is how much money you can make and want to make. We can start out by making some extra money to pay the bills and work our way to make it a fulltime income. Especially during economic downturn, an alternative source of income can be very helpful.



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  1. Ross says:

    Most bloggers fail because they abandon blogs or choose topic which they don’t like. Making money on internet take time. I remember my first attempt with affiliate marketing gave results after about 7-8 months.