Money Making Opportunities and Steps to Becoming a Millionaire

Other than working hard to make money and continuously looking for money making opportunities, there are still other steps we need to consider in order to become a millionaire. These steps do not add or increase money to your account but it helps to prevent money from flowing away from your pocket. Check out the blog post title “5 Easy Steps to Becoming Millionaire” form Yahoo Finance as the post introduces some discipline ways to keep your money in your pocket. Let’s discuss the 5 easy steps introduce in the blog as it sounds really interesting.

  1. First is only marrying once. I found this a very difficult step because it involves the decision of two people. Obviously money is not the main concern when trying to stick with one marriage.
  2. Second is living off one income. This is a much practical move for couples who pull in two incomes. Actually it’s more about cutting down expenses and putting more money into savings. It’s basically just minimizing your expenses.
  3. Third is choosing the right career. Other than choosing the career you enjoy, you also need to make sure the career has the potential to survive the competition. In other words we need to choose a career that we are passionate about and have lots of money making opportunities in future.
  4. Fourth is putting your money in appreciating assets. This is basically buying things which the value increases as time goes by. For example it is much preferable to purchase property, gold than getting a car.
  5. Fifth is not to live the millionaire lifestyle. Spending money on all those unnecessary items will just keep you away from becoming a millionaire. This reminds me that most millionaires just live a simple normal lifestyle.

It is not difficult to become a millionaire. It’s all about hard work and discipline. One of the best ways to learn and gain motivation is to study the lifestyle of millionaires. Take a closer look as you’ll find some similarities within all millionaires.



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3 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities and Steps to Becoming a Millionaire”

  1. James says:

    The first point is really accurate. I mean I have already experienced this as I was married twice in different countries. Currently also have one stream of income as my wife does not work and taking care for our baby.

  2. Josh says:

    In every rule there are exceptions, but to follow this points is recommended for everybody, even without need to become millionaire.

  3. oil rubbed faucet says:

    Your comment about marrying once is well taken. Being married over 20 years and having a good marriage has it benefits. Many of my friends have experienced divorce and paid the price financially and emotionally.