Money Making Opportunities and Guides for Travel Advertisers

Lately Google Small Business Blog releases a blog post title “Tips and tricks for Travel Advertisers”. Previously we discussed about Financial Services Advertisers and Retail Advertisers. Even thought we might not be part of the industries mention above, but still we can learn a lot by placing ourselves in their position. We are able to understand their difficulties and the challenge they need to overcome in order to make money in their field. This information can benefits us when we approach or deal with businesses related to the above field mention. Sometimes we might just able to come out with an idea which might help improve their businesses. I suppose this can be considered as money making opportunities too. Either way, I think it’s better to learn and gather more information.

Let us get back to the tips and tricks for travel advertisers. Lots of people are starting to use World Wide Web to check for travel information and vacation destination. No doubt there are lots of money making opportunities within travel and vacation field as many people are going online to plan their trip. Below are some of the actions you can take which I gather after going through the above blog post.

Start to promote spring break travel and vacation deals three months before the break. Use Google Insights for Search for popular vacation destination. Create free listing on Google Places for destination advertising. As consumers are turning to online reviews, videos and blogs for traveling guides and information, target the advertisement on these area. Shoot video footage and upload to YouTube. Promote the video channel on website. Enable Google Click to Call option to allow customer to call you directly from their mobile phones.

I think you’ll find other possible ways to increase money making opportunities in travel field. All you need to do is study the information provided in the above post and dig deeper to help customers find their best suitable travel location and destination. It should not be difficult if you already know how customers behaved.



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  1. Jason says:

    This is very useful article for me, I recently started 2 travel related blogs, one with general content and other location specific.