Money Making Opportunities and Guides for Retail Advertisers

Previously I post about “Money Making Opportunities and Guides for Financial Services Advertisers” and stress about the important of updating ourselves with money making related information. It is always better to have sufficient information before making a decision or taking an action. Lately Google Small Business Blog has releases the second post in the series of tips and tricks for advertising within your industry. The blog post title “Tips and tricks for Retail advertisers” is focus more on how retail advertisers can make full use of Google Adwords for their business. Although it may seems like the advertising strategy is mainly about online using Google Adwords and other Google tools, similar strategy can be apply offline too. Actually I’m guessing all these online advertising strategies evolve from the experience of old fashion traditional businesses. The basic concept is there, only the way of doing things changes. Let’s take a look at some of the tips and tricks presented in the blog post.

Figure out when your hot season actually starts. Many of us assume we know when the hot season starts and ends. Honestly, we have to check out the facts and statistics of customers’ behavior in order to capture the best timing of hot season. The tool Insights for Search is introduced for a better understanding of customers’ behavior.

Use different types of campaigns at different times. The remarketing tool is introduced to keep track of customers who visited your website. It acts like a customer database similar with the potential customers’ email list. Using the remarketing tool, you’re able to target previous customers using Google Adwords. It’s a way to reconnect with customers who used to buy from you.

Through it all, continue to optimize your account structure. ‘Search terms’ report and Opportunities Tab are recommended to identify new keyword ideas and negative keywords. Basically both are tools for optimizing your advertising campaign at Google Adwords. This is a fine tune process which must be continuing on as long as you’re using Google Adwords.

Take advantage of free offerings, particularly during the down season. One of the free stuff mentioning is the Google Places. Basically it’s just a FREE listing which enables customers to locate your store using Google Maps.

Hot season is the best money making opportunities period for most businesses. That’s the time to sell and make money. In order to make full use of the hot season so that we can maximize earnings, we should be preparing our businesses before the hot season. The question is how much time do we need to prepare? I suppose we should consider all the time except during the hot season period.



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  1. Roger says:

    I have never being very successful with ads and usually just use ads in the first 2 months before SEO start working. Conversion is very low.