Money Making Opportunities and Getting Paid by Google Adsense

The main purpose of this blog is to introduce money making opportunities online. That means looking for ideas to make money online. Once you’re able to make money online, next you’ll have to learn to withdraw or bring the money to your pocket. Once the money has successfully transferred to your pocket or bank account, the loop of making money online is considered complete. So learning the right way to get the money you earn online is a must.

As a start, let us take a look at a post from Google Inside Adsense Blog title “Three steps to getting paid on time”. Although the three steps mention in the article is simple and normal process, but still it is very important. If the settings are not done properly, the payment might be delay or in worst case might not deliver. So it will be best to double check and confirm the settings if you want to receive your money fast.

Verify that your account isn’t on hold

This is the most annoying part because the process might takes more than a month depending on your location or mailing address. I have to say waiting to receive the snail mail which has the PIN to verify Google Adsense account is very painful. Time passes slowly when you’re anxiously waiting for the mail.

Verify that the cumulative total of your unpaid finalized earnings has crossed the payments threshold.

The minimum payout for Google Adsense is $100. I think it will be better just to set it at $100 because it’s a huge motivation if you’re getting paid every month, even if it’s just $100.

Verify that you have successfully set up a payment method.

I suppose the best option is using Western Union service to receive payment. That’s the fastest and easiest way to get paid. If you’re an international publisher and Western Union is available in your country, that’s the best choice for receiving payment. At least it’s way much better than waiting for the snail mail with pay check.

Building money making opportunities online and getting money out to spend is two big subjects which we have to learn. Especially if you’re an international publisher, you need to find the best way to process the money so that you won’t lose a lot of money in transaction and currency conversion. At the end of the day, you just have to make sure that you’re getting the maximum amount of money.



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3 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities and Getting Paid by Google Adsense”

  1. Jenny says:

    AdSense is very simple especially with the new interface. I remember when Adsense was first launched, it was fairly difficult to discover the fields for verification, the pin and payment address. Actually even change of payment address was taking about 2 weeks.

  2. Lorna Gales says:

    It really makes a sense. I enjoy reading this article. Very nice blog. Thanks for sharing your blog site. More Power!!!

  3. Katie says:

    Since the beginning of new year, I think I have double and tripple the clicks on my Adsense, I am quite happy and I think this is because of the new interface, which helped me to figure out few things. I think I am getting check next month.