Money Making Opportunities and Creative Writing

I suppose there isn’t much connection between money making opportunities and creative writing but still I think it’s good to improve our writing skills. As long as we continue to blog about making money online or any other topic, we still need to improve our writing skills. I think that’s the reason why I bring our creative writing.

Once in a while in our pursuit of money making opportunities, we should stop and review the work that we have done. It is necessary to make the stop to evaluate our goal, progress and results. This is to make sure we are still on the right path. Sometimes we might be off course or heading towards a different direction without noticing the changes. We might even not making any progress but just running circles on the same spot. It is said that we rest in order to continue walking, which in this case is blogging. If you’re thinking of doing something rather than just stop and rest, perhaps try return to the origin or back to the basic. What I’m trying to say is you can try writing something different other than just making money online or money making opportunities related topic.

Here’s a suggestion that you can try. Perhaps you can try work on these exercises for story writers. Although this is the first time that I check out these exercises, I did use some of the method mention when I have nothing in mind to write. You may also consider this as a way of brainstorming or construct an article. One method that I like to do is find a nice coffee shop, order a cup of coffee, sit down with my laptop and start writing about the things I saw and felt. The post I created this way normally will go into my other blog which I keep all the free writing articles. Every article or post we wrote has a value online. Don’t just keep it in your computer but create a blog and post it. It will definitely draw some traffic or attention.

There are some good reasons for doing creative writing. First of all there is no restriction or boundaries on what you can write. You write freely. This makes writing fun as there is no pressure or commitment. Once you’re feeling fun, your post quality will increase as readers will feel the same too. That’s because you’ll transfer your feeling to your blog post indirectly. Secondly you’ll find new way of writing things or other creative writing style. Well, that’s the main intention initially. This will gives you new way or style in writing reviews or post. It gives something fresh or new to your readers. A blog that keeps on applying new writing style is most definitely interesting to read.

P/S: Sometimes doing things differently might gain unexpected results. The result might be good or bad, but still it’s a valuable experience which serves as one of the stepping stone toward success.



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  1. Patric says:

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