Money Lessons We should Learned for Money Making Opportunities

During my school time, my parents often told me to just focus on my study and let the adults worry about money issues. The intention is good as financial pressure is off and I just have to deal with academic pressure. At the end of the day I manage to graduate college and earned my degree with flying colors. As for money issues, I just learned not to spend over my budget. If I’m out of money, all I have to do is ask from my parents. Although my parents never actually let me know how they manage to fund my college fees, but I’m very sure it’s not easy. This is how I learned to control myself not to spend money on unnecessary things. But still I never actually learn how to manage money. The part of managing money, financial management, debt, credit, savings, investment and any other stuff which related to money I encounter and learn when I started to work and make money. Once I starting to calculate money and everything related to money, that’s when I understand school never teaches us how to use money and the impact of money towards our life. Honestly, I think we should be learning everything about money since we were young because it’s an important knowledge to survive in this world. I learned partially about money when I was working as an employee who received monthly salary. As I started to pursuit for money making opportunities online, I learned a different partial about money as a freelancer, blogger and affiliate. It seems like there are lots to be learn about money when we are in a different situation and condition.

If you’re just like me who are pursuing money making opportunities online, do you think you’ll be better off if you have sufficient knowledge on managing money? Here’s a blog post title “Growing Pains: Money Lessons We Should Have Learned” from Yahoo Finance which explains five simple money lessons. Although the lessons seem to having nothing to do with money making opportunities online, but it does help to prevent from getting into money trouble. Any money trouble definitely is not going to do any good if we are currently pursuing money making opportunities online.



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2 Responses to “Money Lessons We should Learned for Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Andrew says:

    I have always been on opposite side. I mean that my parents used to tell me to study, however I have always had so many extra things that I was doing. SEO was one of those things and SEO and internet marketing had become my work and source of income.

  2. Robert says:

    I believe that everybody should try to find own way to make money online. There are many opportunities – services, affiliate marketing, own product, etc.