Money Lessons and Money Making Opportunities

As we are in pursuit of money making opportunities, learning everything about money is essential. The more that we know about money, the better we control and manage them. In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday and National Reading Day, Yahoo Finance presents a blog post title “8 Money Lessons From Dr. Seuss” which teaches us about money and finance.

Never Choose? You’ll Always Lose

The only way to help you make better decisions related to money is education. The more you learned and study, the better the decisions made. As we keeps on making decisions related to money, the experiences accumulate throughout the years adds up too.

Get a Career to Have No Fear

Everything which we heard regarding money is just an advice. It’s still our decision to make on how we spend or do with our money at the end. We might make couple of bad calls but still at least we made the decisions ourselves. If we let others make the decisions, we will lose the freedom to think for ourselves.

Bucks Don’t Bring Luck

Money can’t buy happiness but it gives us choices, freedom and security to do what we’re passionate about. I think this is the old saying which almost everybody heard before but only realize the true meaning when happiness are lost.

Be Clean to Save Green

It doesn’t matter how much money we earn, we need to give back. Taking care of the environment and recycle the things around is a must. That’s because we are staying in one same globe which every action we do will come back to us eventually.

Every Pill Brings a Bill

We all will grow old eventually. Sooner or later we will be force to retired. Once that happened, we need to deal with long term care and medical bills. We can either retired rich or retired poor. It’s up to us to decide the life style that we want when we grow old, and we have to decide and work on it when we are young.

Try Something New to Get a Clue

We just have to try it out to learn it. Although we might not know much about money making opportunities, trying it out one by one might just be the best way to learn it. You’ll never know unless you try it. If things don’t work out, switch and try something else.

Choose to Do the Job for You

The golden quote for money making opportunities: “You have to enjoy what you’re doing or you won’t make any money”. I suppose this is the best sentence that I read from the entire article.

Always Want What You’ve Got

I suppose we have to learn to appreciate the things we have and satisfied with it. Sometimes having too much or more might not be a good thing. Things might turn against us if we get too greedy.

Most of the lesson mentions above are just basic stuff. The problem is sometimes we kind of forget or slip our mind. It is good to read through the lessons so that we can be alert. It helps to avoid bumps and traps as we pursuit on money making opportunities.



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  1. Jason says:

    It kind of “Master Yoda” guide, but definitely it true. Many of this points are missed or not well looked from every point by most internet marketers.