Money is Not the Main Reason I started ToastEggMe Money Making Opportunities

Lately a question from Yahoo Finance Title “How Much Money Do You Need to Be Satisfied?” keeps my mind occupied for few days. I never actually think about this question before. I suppose I don’t mind having a lot of money. That’s as much as possible to be more precise. But as I read the above article and relate money to happiness, I just consider money as part of the necessary items to become happy. You don’t have to make a lot of money. Making enough money to survive already fulfill part of the necessary items to be happy. But still that’s just part of the necessary items to reach happiness.

So how much money is enough money to survive? I suppose enough means the amount of money needed to keep you alive as long as possible. Well, still you have to consider where you live, how you live and without any unexpected issue occur. If you stay in places like Tokyo, New York or London, no doubt your expenses will be higher. The expenditure of a less develop countryside can be very much lower compare to those cites. If you live a lifestyle of a king with lots of servants, luxury cars, mansion then for sure no figure is enough. A plain simple life can cost only just $10000 per year to survive. Finally no matter how much money you have, you still have to pray no sudden natural disaster like earth quake, typhoon or flood that will destroy it all. Sometimes I overheard people in US choose to retire to places like Singapore, Malaysia or Hong Kong which they don’t need that much money on living expenses. Once money is not an issue, they can just concentrate on other parts of life that brings happiness to them.

According to the article, earnings of $75000 a year generally is enough for most people. That’s the figure that says enough to get you to the happy spot. As for me I think earnings between $36000~$60000 a year is enough for me. That’s a minimum of $3000 per month. Do you think we bloggers are able to make $3000 per month? I think the possibility is there. In fact I think we can make more than just $3000 per month. The potential is there. It’s just a matter of time when we get there.

Can I reach the earning amount of $3000 per month by doing other jobs? Yes, I still can make that kind of money but situation might be different. I might need to spend most of my time working. The work pressure and responsibility will be huge. I might not have many choices in doing things the way I want or like. Most of all I might not have a thing or a product of work that I put my heart and soul in except money. Either way I can reach the earning of $3000 per month. So I’ll definitely choose the path that could get me closer to happiness, and that’s without having to include all the negative issues above. What will you choose?



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