Mobile Website Optimization for Money Making Opportunities Online

The golden rules of making money online via mobile websites are almost the same as creating websites and blogs on laptop. The two important factors for creating money making opportunities online via mobile website are still traffic and content. The only difference is the small platform which publishers need to make changes on their blog and sties for easy viewing. The things which publishers need to concern and modified will depends on the habits and attitude of smartphone users. So the first thing that publishers need to do is become a smartphone user.

Check out the blog post title “Part 3: Mobile website optimization – 7 considerations when designing buttons on mobile websites” from Google Mobile Ads blog. The blog post explains the button rule on mobile devices which play an important factor when designing mobile site.

In Summary: Buttons rule on mobile devices. The rule of thumb means that big, well spaced buttons with clear calls to action will likely result in more conversions.

When the buttons are well designed and users feel comfortable using it, it is considered a good start. The intention is trying not to annoyed users before they get to know the mobile site. If the first couple of clicks cannot lead the users to their destination, they will just move on to other mobile sites. In other words, first impression is very important and it starts with the buttons. The first good impression will open the door of opportunities which converts visitors to customers. Visitors have to like what they see before they decide to make the purchase.

If you’re into money making opportunities via mobile site, check out the first couple of series on optimizing mobile websites for conversions by Google. The previous posts which talks about Content Prioritization and White Space can be very helpful too.




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