Mobile Money Making Opportunities That Focuses on Holidays

According to the blog post title “New data shows surge in holiday mobile searches and ad clicks, signal marketer opportunity”, it seems like we can focus on making money online during holidays targeting mobile users. It is a fact that a lot of people are starting to use mobile devices for shopping, entertainment and searching for information. But do you know that a surge in activity on mobile devices such as tablet and smartphone always occurs during holidays? Particularly on holidays like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and Halloween, we see lots of mobile users going online searching for shopping related information.

Actually the same scenario already happened few years ago when people are able to go online using laptop and desktop. As for now, most users or shoppers just happen to switch the platform to mobile devices. So basically you can try to sell products online by focusing on big shopping holidays. You can make use of Google Adwords by focusing on mobile devices only. Currently, the keywords are a bit cheaper on mobile devices compare to desktop/laptop devices. A Google Adwords mobile campaign focuses on big holiday shopping can really help to boost sales. And best of all you can just focus on few days or weeks before the holiday.

If you choose not to spend money advertising on Google Adwords, you can create mobile sites that focus on promoting products on holidays instead. Although the new mobile site might not rank well in search engine, you can make use of social network like FaceBook to gather more traffic. Judging from the huge surge of traffic during holiday seasons, I’m sure lots of customers are still able to make it to your new mobile site.

P/S: Now that you know lots of mobile users will be shopping online during holiday seasons, it is up to you to do whatever you can to make sure that customers find your online shop or business. Holiday seasons usually are the best time to make money either online or offline. And I think you can start preparing for Christmas and New Year holiday.



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