Mobile Money Making Opportunities Online is Going to be huge in 2012

No doubt mobile or smartphone money making opportunities online is going to be big in 2012 and years to come. We know and understand that the number of smartphone, especially iPhone users will continue to increase. Many people are already starting to make a lot of money from designing smartphone apps and related products. It is still not too late trying to make money online in mobile field. You just have to understand the smartphone market and find a way to tap into this piece of cheese. Check out the blog post title “Five Steps To Capturing Mobile Customers In 2012” from Search Engine Land in order to understand mobile customers or smartphone users characteristics.

Below are the 5 steps introduced by the post:

Recognize Mobile Is A Big Deal That’s Only Getting Bigger

This means there are still plenty of rooms of us to make money in mobile market. And the market is still getting bigger and bigger.

Understand That Mobile = Young & Wealthy Customers

This means we have to target the interest of young and wealthy customers. Just figure out they spending behavior and supply what they needed.

Pay Attention To Where Mobile Is Hot

This means we have to target and focus on areas which have the most smartphone users.

Influence Mobile Shoppers’ Pre-Purchase Decisions

Help smartphone users decide which products or services to purchase by providing detail analysis in terms of their benefits.

Ensure In-Store Visits Result In Sales

This means mobile shoppers will still continue to confirm and check if the shop visit currently is the best place to shop.


The characteristics and shopping behavior of mobile shoppers presented above is very important and valuable. These are the information which we need to study and look into in order to come out with ideas to make money. All you have to do is come out with ideas to help make their life easier performing the above activities. Take for example you can simply just provide information to help smartphone users look for the best restaurant, hotels or pet shops. You can even go further by providing reviews, ratings and discounts. Remember that one of the reasons they purchase a smartphone is to make their life easy. If you are able to find a way to do that, you might be able to find some money making opportunities within mobile market.



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