Mobile Money Making Opportunities Online has Great Potential but Still Requires More Time

Although the usage of mobile devices is blooming, there are still a lot of factors that we need to consider when pursuing for mobile money making opportunities online. Regardless of mobile apps design or creating mobile site, there is one important factor we need to consider before making any decision. We need to take into consideration of the speed of wireless internet connection. Either it is 3G, WiFi or LTE, there is always the issue of quality connection. No doubt cable connection is always much more stable and faster compare to wireless connection. There are just too many factors that can affect a wireless internet connection. Due to this reason, apps design and mobile site creation are advice to make use the minimum amount of data upload and download from wireless internet connection. Although it feels ironically that the mobile devices are capable of running rich media programs but we are force to hold back considering most situation of poor wireless connect quality, which is just the way it is if we are hoping to make money online. This is more a less the same as if you have all the advance knowledge in the word but people around you are unable to catch up with your explanation, people will not gain benefits and it service no good. Sometimes we just have to slow down a few steps back so that everything around is able to catch up.

No matter how great or perfect your apps designed or mobile site created, it won’t work if the wireless internet connection fail to serve it’s need.

P/S: If you are a mobile users who always rely on your smartphone or tablet devices for daily activity, I’m sure you’ve experience with poor quality wireless internet connection.



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