Mobile marketing is a little bit different compare to desktop marketing

If you are already been doing online marketing for website or blog, it shouldn’t be a problem to perform mobile marketing too. The basic concept is about the same. But still there are some important points which you need to take care if you are hoping for effective results.

First you need to make sure that your site or blog is mobile friendly. Although you can use a plugin or programing code to convert your site into a mobile friendly site, that doesn’t mean it is acceptable by mobile users. You still have to check your site using a smartphone or tablet device to make sure that the display is correct. In other words you have to make sure that mobile users are comfortable reading your site by reading it yourself from a mobile device.

If you are hoping to target mobile users, mobile marketing should focus on social media that involves mostly mobile users. Some of the online social media apps most mobile users install are Instagram, twitter, SnapChat, Periscope and Facebook. You will have to consider the area or country that you are targeting too. Some areas might have more Twitters users and some Countries might have more Facebook users. Concentrate on the platform which most of your targeted mobile users are base on.

Finally your site or blog also have to equip with mobile friendly tools such as a 2D barcode which mobile users can scan and direct to designated page. If your site requires mobile users to make payment, make sure that multiple mobile payments are available. These are just some basic setup for mobile users. You might not realize the necessary unless you check out your own website or blog using a mobile device.



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