Mobile Apps continue to become a major money making opportunities online area

One of the most interesting mobile apps created this year 2016 is Pokemon Go. Millions of mobile users around the world have downloaded this app. One of the reasons for such popularity is due to the brand Pokemon which have millions of fans around the world. Another reason probably is due to the unique way of gaming which makes full use of GPS tracking system and map. The game gives a collaboration of online and offline adventure which forces mobile users to take a walk and explore the surrounding. The unique way of using GPS, map and tracking system for this game is a success.

When there are a lot of people playing Pokemon Go, chances of money making opportunity increases. The concept is the same when a blog or site receives a lot of traffic. As in the case of Pokemon Go, the game is able to lure people to a particular location. Just take the example of the latest event the game carry out. The game places a spot at coffee shop which gamers need to be at the location and collect gaming items. Gamers also able to get special coffee created just for the game while playing at the coffee shop. This eventually boosts business sales for the coffee shop because gamers will be checking out the coffee shop and spends money. It is definitely an interesting way of money making opportunity.

This is just one of the ways mobile apps is use to make money. A popular mobile app with millions of users worldwide definitely makes money. The question is how do you create and design a mobile app that everybody loves to use or play? I suppose everybody has some ideas on the type of mobile apps they wish to create. Unfortunately many ideas and thoughts are unable to materialize because no action is carrying out. You will never know if the mobile app will be a bit hit if you do not create it and let users try out.



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