Making Use of Google Places for Money Making Opportunities

If you’re running an offline business with a permanent address, claiming a free Google Places page is a must. That’s one good way to promote your business online especially within the market of smart phone users. Next you need to promote and interact with customers online so that customers can introduce your business to their family, friends and people around them. In order to do that, you have to make use of Google Places further more rather than just claiming for the free page.

Check out the blog post title “Beyond Claiming Your Place Page” from Google Small Business Blog, as Google explains some of the features available in Google Places. The first important information which most business owners would like to know is the number of viewed or impressions of Place page. That means the number of customers who take a look at the place page. This information can be check at the Dashboard, including the search terms which customers use to find your Place page. This information is very important because it tell us the type of customers who are interested with our business.

Customers have the opportunity to rate and review the places they visited through Google. Business owners also able to response to the reviews and interact with customers. Accumulative ratings and reviews can create a large impact towards a business. Google Places allows business owners to promote their offline business without even owning a blog. Although it is better to include a free blog from blogger as that is also one of the free applications from Google, working on Google Places is good enough for most business owners.

P/S: The blog post shows that people are still learning to make use of Google Places. We are still at the beginning stage of claiming Google Places. Once there are sufficient numbers of Pages claimed, Google will definitely move on to the next stage of including advertisement. That’s when the game starts.



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  1. George says:

    This may be really useful guide, of course it can go beyond of just claiming your business on Google maps.