Making Use of Free Resources While Pursuing Money Making Opportunities

When you quit your job and trying to make a living online, money is always an issue which you’ll consider a lot. Thus you’ll try to limit your expenses from entertainment, food, clothes and everything which requires money. Before you actually hit the jack pot of money making opportunities, the word “FREE” will be very sensitive to you.

But still there is no reason to pay for things or services which you can get for FREE. Check out the blog post title “First Person: The Money-Saving Resources You Might Not Know You Have” from Yahoo Finance and get the free stuff and resources which you entitle. Although some of the things and services are FREE but still we have to be careful because FREE stuff generally might not be as good as we expected. Let’s take a look at the FREE services mention in the blog post above.

  • Free financial planning by getting a retirement account.
  • Free extended warranties from credit card companies.
  • Free energy audits from power companies.
  • Free medical advice from health insurance companies.
  • Free legal assistance from government.

Honestly, I don’t actually believe in FREE stuff and services. I kind of think that it is a marketing strategy company use to hunt for additional business opportunities. I even considered these so call FREE stuff or services are already included in the main stuff or service we paid for. Just that we never actually make full use of them. Nothing is really free if we take a close look. Especially when it involves businesses, FREE is a strategy to gain more business and money making opportunities.



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One Response to “Making Use of Free Resources While Pursuing Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Amudhan says:

    The last three lines of the post must be read by newcomer to internet money making and must be remembered till they breath their last Whether it is video tutorials or guides or free e books they are used only as a bait. it will certainly help the marketer to get one more sales, but for the mnew comer it will have very little value