Make Your Business Appear On Google Maps Before Year End Holidays

The Year End Holidays for Christmas and New Year events are right around the corner. This is the time which businesses make the most money every year. Other than preparing products or services to meet customers’ demand, you need to let customers come to your business easily. In other words, you need to let customers find your business fast and easily. As people are starting to use smartphone to surf for products and services near their location, you must at least make your business visible on Google maps. Especially for small businesses, this is the best method to increase the amount of customers. I have a friend who runs a business of servicing and repairing smartphone who is getting lots of business after his business location appeared on Google Maps. Although it took me few days to help setting up Google Places for my friend, the effort is worthwhile. Once the business location is up on Google Maps, smartphone repairing business receives an estimation of 50% increase of customers. Plus it is only beginning of October and business already starts improving. We can imagine and estimate the amount of business that is going to hit when it is close to Christmas.

Adding the business into Google Maps is just the first step. We even have plans to setup a mobile site, an iTunes app and even a small investment for advertising on Google Adwords. For a small smartphone repairing business, this is enough to generate a good amount of customers.

P/S: Setting up Google Places can be a bit tricky. Check out the blog post title “Introducing a new support feature for Google Places for business” from Google Small Business Blog. The new Help Center homepage is specially created to help get your business appeared on Google Maps.



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