Make use of the Free Workshop to help get your business online

Google’s partners are hosting free workshop on National Small Business Week next week. If you are interested to get your business online, be sure to join the communities for free resources and tools. Check out the blog post title “Get your Business Online with a Workshop near You during National Small Business Week” from Google Small Business.

If you really hoping to get your business online, it is better to do some research online first before attending the event. Regardless of how much help you will be getting during the event, at the end of the day you are the one who needs to run the business. There are still a lot of decision and work needs to be done. And tons of information and knowledge acquire to learn in order to run your business online successfully.

The basic business concept is still the same but your battlefield has move from offline to online. Be prepared to learn as much as you can during the event. If you are not familiar or confident about using a computer, it is better to get help from someone you can trust. This event is just a start or beginning. You will have to keep up with the changes online in order to continue running your business online successfully.



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