Make use of Google to Pursuit for Money Making Opportunities Online

Lately there is couple of things that I notice when surfing online using Google search engine. It seems that YouTube video clips and Blogspot are getting higher ranking post. Just do a few searches online using some of the keywords that you are familiar with and you’ll find that some of the video clips and blogs seem to rank higher than usual. I suppose this is because YouTube and Blogspot are part of Google, extra points are given when it comes to ranking own video clips and blogs under Google search engine. Thus if you are hoping to pursuit for money making opportunities online without spending much money, it is best to consider creating video clips on YouTube and getting FREE blogs under Blogspot.

There are two ways you can make use of YouTube or Blogspot to make money online. You can either create lots of video clips and blogs by just focusing on keywords, or focus on creating good quality content with just a few video clips and blogs. The first method is trying to gather lots of traffic by quantity. As you are going to create lots of video clips and blogs, you can’t put too much attention on quality. The goal is trying to rank high on Google search engine with lots of video clips and blogs. The second method is trying to gather lots of traffic with quality with few video clips and blogs only. Generating good quality content requires lots of time and effort consistently. Thus it is impossible to generate lots of video clips and blogs. Especially for the blogs, lots of attention is required so that the blogs are always updated with new good quality content. Both methods have the potential to make money online. It is just a matter of which method suits you best.

If you are not good in creating good quality content or English is not your main language, it is best to choose the first method. Remember that you goal is to make money online. Creating good quality content is not a must to achieve it. If you choose second method, it is going to take a longer time before you actually start making money online. It is going to take some time before you can produce good quality content that attracts lots of traffic.

One very important thing you need to keep in mind is that Google may delete your video clips or blogs if you violate their terms and conditions. Sometimes it can get very frustrated when one of your video clips or blogs gets deleted after spending so much time and effort on it, especially when the video clip or blog starting to gain traffic momentum and starting to make money online. This is the risk we have to take when it comes to making use of FREE platforms and resources. By the way, another disadvantage of creating blog under Blogspot is that you cannot sell the blogs. No matter how good the blog is build, you cannot sell it because Google owns it.

As a conclusion, I think it is best to choose the first method if you are solely into making money online. If you are considering about getting a blog for long term and trying to creating good quality content consistently, it is best to get your own hosting blog. FREE blogging platform is always temporally and most important of all, you don’t own it.



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